2019 John H. Hauberg Fellow: Purnima Patel

2019 John H. Hauberg Fellow: Terri Grant

John H. Hauberg Fellowship 2019
Pilchuck Glass School
Purnima Patel along with Terri Grant and Susan Harlan worked on a collaborative project 'TRACE' in the Pilchuck Glass School's John H Hauberg Fellowship for 2019


Trace is defined as a mark or indication of the existence of something; a quantity too small to measure; a copy; or a discovery through investigation. Traces of glass can be found throughout the world we live in. Its importance is reflected in its domestic, architectural, scientific, social and artistic uses.

While at Pilchuck, the group explored “trace” through casting, kiln-forming, engraving and other methods of manipulating glass. Arriving at the collaborative "trace" of an installation.  Upon their departure, the 2019 Haubergs  leave behind another "trace" of their own, a self-published book documenting their process.

2019 John H. Hauberg Fellow: Susan Harlow